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Netherlands fixed matches

Netherlands fixed matches

If you are interested in getting the fixed matches from us you need to do the following steps below.
1. You need to choose one of our offer which are on our website for fixed matches.
2. Once you have chosen one of our offers, contact our secretary.
3. You will choose which method of payment you want to use.
4. When you have finished paying, you will contact us to receive your fixed matches.
We only accept payment methods that are available anywhere in the world.

Email Support: ; 

Whatsapp Support: +49 1514 5759229

You want to buy fixed matches?

Great, first of all before you contact us you should choose one offer. You can find all the offers here.
When you choose an offer, then you need to choose one option for sending money. The link where you can see all our offers you can see and all the methods of sending money what we accept.

IMPORTANT – If you have emailed us a request to receive fixed matches FREE, trial matches or fixed matches to pay after winning, you will never receive a response from us